Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The start of the journey

Today, we started lessons proper after the last the of our awesome orientation yesterday. So far, we have met  6/10 of the teachers that will be teaching us this year.

Today, we started off with ADMT (Art Design Media Technology), we met Mrs Pennie Ong. She started off with an introduction, then soon we were given a diagnostic test. The test tested our creativity and it was used to determined whether we the designer type of drawers who were neat, or the artistic kind, which were a bit more messy. 

There were two activities today. The first was "My Shoe". We had to take off our shoes and draw them. At first, everyone was reluctant, perhaps they were afraid of revealing their stinky feet secret. But still, we had to do it for the activity and so everyone did. 

The second activity was bizarre barcode. We had to draw out our own barcodes and turn it into something like the one below.

Of course we had not taught of much great ideas yet so I guess no one really had a brilliant idea until Ms Ong showed us that :P

After the break, Mr Yeo came to introduce himself. He taught integrated humanities, and he was also quite fun to be around with. He did not give us a test as we of course did not study humanities and it was new. (YAY!!!) He just casually introduced himself, and soon it was over. Just before he left, Sid asked whether there was coke and sprite served in the cafe that was going to be built, and then he drew the experience he had last time. We laughed out loud as he drew what the person looked like after drinking coke and we found out that Johan was the "Non-stop laughing" person in class too. :P

Then, Ms Foo came back to for EL classes. She then formally introduced herself with her expectations. She did not really say much and soon it was Math lesson.

Mrs Low Kwai Yin came for the Math class. The teacher who had taken charge of our pre-engagement activities and posted on the students blog. WOW. She came in and introduced herself, and then asked to fill in some information about ourselves so that she can know more about us. She also asked to help fill in a spreadsheet of our classroom arrangement. And then it was Science lesson already.

To end it off, Mr Ng came in to introduce himself appoint a Science rep (Prateek C:) and he told us his expectations, too. He also gave us a diagnostic test (Awww :C) and I guess everyone was shocked, confused and lost. Some questions were totally not taught at primary level! Everyone should have at least one unfamiliar question, right? After the test, we ended the class, the last lesson and we were off!

So far, I think the teachers were friendly, kind and committed to helping us. The teachers we met today were not strict, but will the others be? We will find out soon, I hope that they would not be fierce. :D


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