Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Very First Day at SST

Today, 2nd January 2014 was my very first day in SST. I took the jam-packed MRT to Clementi and took Bus 185 to SST. I was very nervous. as on every school day I had to take the 242 bus to my primary school, so I was very familiar with the school route, but now I had to take an MRT and different buses to SST, so I had to start learning the new route to SST. 
But it is always good to try out new things and learn them. When I reached the school, I was actually quite nervous as it is a brand new environment for me and there are many new classmates who come from many different primary school whom I do not actually know.
But today, we had our first day of our Orientation programme. Our SST PSLs were very friendly and they guided us to each step of our way. I bonded together with my new classmates through games and made friends with people like Sid. Through the games, I realised how important was it to have a team leader in each game so he or she can give commands and tell us what to do and how to do the right way and I learned that in every game, Communication is very important. Without communication, we will have no proper teamwork and we will not know what is the proper thing to do. We might also have conflicts along the way.

Anyway, I had much fun on the first day and I look to my journey in SST.

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