Monday, 6 January 2014

Orientation 3/3

Orientation 2014 officially ended today on Monday, 6 January.

Today, we set our goals and our class code of conduct, to make sure we were well presented to others and set our path to the right direction. It was pretty boring, but it might come in handy later. :I

Today, in the afternoon, the fun finally came. We played the amazing race consisting of a few challenges. We were supposed to win challenges to get an "X" or an "O" for our tic-tac-toe. "X" to cross out others and "O" to score. The first game we played was super slide me. We were supposed to slide on a soapy floor with a plastic sheet. For this we had to work in groups of three. There were two roles. One slider and two to move the slider. For this, I was quite reluctant about this as I did not like sliding on my stomach. But I did in the end.

The second activity I liked the most was the flip the cup. We were supposed to flip the cup to the way the PSL station master told us to flip to and the class with the most amount of cups in the direction of their favour wins. It was fun until were some parts we hated like (you-know-who) cheated and stuff, but I think we should all just let it go, after all, cheating is for the weak and those who cheated, you know who, you can cheat us, but you cannot cheat your own conscience, guilt will fill you unless you are totally evil, incorrigible :P *(Raises eyebrows)*

Well, I think everyone thought that the best activity today was the sponge fight. It was 99% fun and only 1% strategy. We were too caught up with the fun that we decided to just bomb the other team and not come with any plan on how to protect the newspaper and how to get to the opponent's newspaper. In the end, I guess everyone got wet? Maybe not the girls [No offence :)] Today, poor Sid got splashed all over after the sponge fight. His extreme popularity among all of us resulted in the sabotage of his own team mates.

Today, we not only had fun, but we also had to say good bye to the PSLs, today was their last day with us, they as PSLs, we as Sec 1s. I think they enjoyed working with us, the weird class (:3) and we are going to give them a card as farewell, aren't we? After badge night, it may be our last time seeing them. I hope we are going to see them soon, our paths may cross again, one way or another?

The mission of this orientation was to bring us together, let us know each other, gear us up for the high expectation of leadership skills we would need in SST for all our projects. I think their goals was considered a success, with help from the great PSLs. Orientation is over already, time to get serious. Now the question left is, are you ready for the whole new journey in SST? C:

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