Thursday, 2 January 2014

Funday Thursday :D

I hadn't slept since last night since I was so excited for the first day of school just like I was excited in Primary One. The thing I was most excited was was about making me friends which I made quite a few and well the shocking thing was that there were only 7 girls in the class. Coming from a girls' school made me feel awkward around boys but I'll get used to it soon. We played loads of games and many of them taught me how to work in teams, contribute my ideas and merge ideas with everyone else, communicate with other fellow members to come up with strategies and other team work skills. I think we could have been fairly more active overall in the activities if we had gotten time to know each other better and also communicate properly. Most probably there should have been a leader to guide us and plan how to work out things and also we should have been more cooperative and not get easily frustrate. The thing I learnt today which was most important was the skill of communication among school mates. I throughly enjoyed myself today and I wish I could just rewind time and do the activities again but sadly that's not possible. My parents were really happy to know that I had an enjoyable day today and I think if tomorrow maybe if we communicate better and get to know each other better than we would have a more fun day and enjoy yourselves more. I'm really excited for tomorrow and I hope I can overcome my fears and make more friends. :)

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