Monday, 27 January 2014

Homework for 27th of Jan


 1)Do corrections for English diagnostic test and you rewrite your whole essay in green pen (if you don't have green pen, you can use some other coloured pen like blue or black but make sure to write in big letters "corrections"). This homework is to be handed in by Wednesday, 29th Jan to Lucas.

2)Think about interesting biographies or personal recounts, if you have any, bring them to school if you want to share it with your classmates.


 1)Viva Voce must be completed in and uploaded on youtube by the 28th Jan.
2)Do the 8 questions on the maths blog by 28th Jan.


 1)Complete activity 4 and 5 in the science worksheet of diffusion and osmosis by the 28th of Jan.
2) It's optional but Mr.Ng says if you want you can finish up the worksheet on human transport but it is not required to be handed in by 28th Jan.
3)For science as well, accept the invitation to the class science blog and upload your cell research studies in jpeg format onto the blog.

I think the only Chinese homework is to learning your Chinese spelling and also, since I'm not very sure about the Chinese homework, please do confirm with someone else who took down the Chinese homework.


  1. English homework by wednesday right (copying corrections) ???

  2. Can we set a standard time till when someone posts the homework (like 3pm or something) because people might want to check their homework and the homework post is not up yet.