Saturday, 18 January 2014

My First Memorable Experience in SST!

I know I am very late in posting my reflection but I just got the invitation yesterday so here it is...

How was my first day in SST?Well to be frank,I cannot describe it in words because it was a cocktail of emotions in my heart.I met my new friends who are really caring,helpful and funny.At SST,things are done in a total different way than my primary school so I would take a little time to settle needed to communicate and also voice out our opinions.We should also listen to our peers when they are giving their ideas.The most challenging activity was "Helium Hoops".I found it challenging because the whole class was not cooperating together.I think as the time passed by ,and we got to know each other more,we communicated more and more and gave our ideas out freely.I am really looking forward to studying in a whole new,different manner with my class in SST!!;D

I would also like to thank all the PSLs and teachers for helping me familiarise with school as well as its culture.Thank you very much!:D

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