Thursday, 2 January 2014

My First Post-->Reflection on Day 1 of Orientation

I do not know what to type. So i just get something done.<--(In proper English as the teacher said).

Through the games at the station, I realised that effective and efficient communication is essential for us to work together as one. Teamwork is an important aspect of our life. Even in the future, when we start our careers, teamwork would always come in handy. Some examples are, Maybe you are a crime scene investigator, You will have to work with other investigators. You have to share your discoveries and/or opinions and piece everyone's together to solve the crime. But, we did not communicate well enough for everyone to work together nicely. We did not strategise. Well, maybe we did. But we did not communicate our strategies with each other. And what happens? We fail to do what we are supposed to. Therefore I believe that it is important for us, to communicate with each other. Especially when we are doing projects in teams.

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