Friday, 10 January 2014

The night

Today, we officially became a part if the SST community. Now we are an SST student. We received our SST badge. Yay! 

I think today was a smooth ride. Our trailer was a success, we made new cards for the PSLs since Jaishree was absent and it still with a setback, we made it! Then we officially got our badges from Mr Chua. 

Today was our CCA open house day too. Varieties of CCA were made available to us as they promoted and introduced their CCAs. CCA was very important as it would help our JC transition. It helps us improve our score. 6 choices, sounds great but so little choices! In the end, only had four. Astronomy, media, badminton and show choir :P. I wonder if anyone had made six choices...


  1. Uh so we submit that "option form" we downloaded online? Or what?

  2. They say they will give us the form. But idk about it yet.