Wednesday, 29 January 2014

CNY Celebration: Things to bring

Things to bring for the CNY Celebration are:
1)Your water bottle(optional)
2) Snacks(Optional)
3)Reading materials(Compulsory)
4) The science homework for those who didn't hand it up today (Transport in humans. Doesn't apply to all)
5) We also need to bring marker pens, coloured paper and all those materials for art etc. If you want to know why, feel free to message me. :)

I think school ends at about 10 tomorrow. I hope to see you all tomorrow :)


  1. Why?
    All the info is also on the student blog:)

    1. Joshua Ms Foo asked us to bring the materials for making the cards and also, I am aware of the post on the students blog but I'm afraid it doesn't have the things to bring list:)

    2. No since there are no lessons, you're not required to bring your learning device.:)