Thursday, 2 January 2014

Orientation Day 1/3

Today marked the first dat of orientation with the PSLs, the start of our orientation to get to know each other better and work better in time to come C:

Today, we, as a class, played ice-breaker games and games to strengthen our teamwork as a class and our ability to communicate and get ideas from our minds across to others.

On the way, we also met some problems coordinating together during the games like the "Flip the mat" and "Helium Hoop". We had problems communicating with each other and it ended up as a mess. :3 It was not a surprising fact but still we came together as a class, even though we came from the different parts of Singapore and we still managed to achieve the goals for the other games though and that was quite brilliant to me.

Besides picking up new skills, some of us have also already made friends. After all, we are going to be together for the next chapter of our lives, the journey in SST, doing projects as a team, together. C:

I look forward to the next day with the High Elements and outdoor fun and I hope it will be as fun as this eventful day (:

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