Thursday, 2 January 2014

1ST dAy At sST (Sophia)

     Hello, I am Sophia, I really loved the first day of school I made lots of friends today :) My favourite activity was the Dodge ball(even though we only played once) and the Dog and Bone. To me, the hula hoop activity where we had to keep it parallel to the ground was one of the hardest, as well as the flip the mat challenge. 
     You see, the hula hoops kept on going up and up even though some people were asking others to slow down. Maybe some of the others thought the hula hoop was going up and because they didn't want it to topple, they lifted their side up and then the other side thought the same and lifted their side up too. Maybe that's what happened. 
     The mat challenge (which is what i call it, it may be wrong) was kind of hard. Everyone had to squeeze and it was kind of chaotic. I didn't really understand what was going on.
     I guess the whole problem with the mat challenge was that we didn't have a leader, or there were too many people trying to be leader that the followers were confused and didn't know who to listen to or couldn't hear what people were saying. I could hear the people in front telling others what to step onto the other side of the mat, that was good. And if we ever do play the 'Hula Hoops' again, maybe we could try and talk before we do something so that everyone understands, and then we can lift it up in stages.
     All in all, I know that tomorrow, our class will try our best to communicate and listen to the leaders appointed and be good followers. I am really looking forward to tomorrow! XD

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