Friday, 31 January 2014

Homework to be done by the CNY Holidays and to be handed up by coming tuesday.

English-Do the 2 Chinese Cinderella worksheets.Refer to the book for information.
Maths-Workbook (p13)
Question 19 (a), (b) and (c)
  • Show how you would compare the numbers (of the different forms)
  • Illustrate these numbers on a number line
  • Write your final answer: Organise the given numbers in descending order
Workbook (p14) Addition & Subtraction of Integers
Question 20 (a), (c), (e), (g), (i)

Workbook (p14) Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Integers
Question 22 (b), (e), (g), (i)

Complete the quizzes and do read the "reading assignments" on Ace Learning.

Viva Voce Practice 2 to be done by 7th feb.Refer to maths blog for more information.

Science-Homework (to be completed by 4th Feb):
Watch Video on Food Test (posted on blog)
Nutrients – Worksheet Activity 3 (Page 11-12, instructions posted on blog)

ADMT-Finish your 4 logos and update your google drive document.

I&E-Finish your group presentation assigned by Mr Lam to your respective groups.Note that the presentation should only consist of 5 slides and should only be 3-4 mins long.

Mother tongue-Please ask your mother tongue friends on what is the homework that is to be done by the CNY Holidays.

IH-If you have time,do read about "Forests",our new topic.

Thank you and Wishing you a very prosperous Chinese New Year and happy holidays. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

CNY Celebration: Things to bring

Things to bring for the CNY Celebration are:
1)Your water bottle(optional)
2) Snacks(Optional)
3)Reading materials(Compulsory)
4) The science homework for those who didn't hand it up today (Transport in humans. Doesn't apply to all)
5) We also need to bring marker pens, coloured paper and all those materials for art etc. If you want to know why, feel free to message me. :)

I think school ends at about 10 tomorrow. I hope to see you all tomorrow :)

January 29th Homework

Finish and submit Transport in Humans Homework by tomorrow
(Only for Kai Heng, research on Trans and Saturated Fat)
Watch Science videos on Science Blog.
Nutrients – Worksheet Activity 3 Page 11-12
For more information visit the science blog (

You can wear a red shirt for 30 January (Tomorrow)


Update the google drive and finish up the 4 Logo drawings.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
Wei San, Xavien, Noel, Roy and Min Quan research on The Apple Brand
Keith, Sid, Lucas and Chen Ning research on The life of Steve Jobs
Sophia, Everi, Shanice and Jaishree research on the 4th principle (Steve Jobs)
Johan, JinYu, Clement and the rest from that group research on 5th principle (Steve Jobs)

Do the 2 English worksheets (Chinese Cinderella)

Go online to AceLearning and complete the quizzes
Go online to AceLearning and read the assigned reading materials

Do on foolscap
Workbook (p13)
Question 19 (a), (b) and (c)
Workbook (p14) Addition & Subtraction of Integers
Question 20 (a), (c), (e), (g), (i)
Workbook (p14) Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Integers
Question 22 (b), (e), (g), (i)

Math Viva voce Practice 1 Due Friday 7 Feb 2359 hours (this is the 2nd one this year)
For more information visit the math blog (

If there's any other homework, please leave them in the comments. Thanks

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Homework For Today

28 January 2014 Homework
  1. ADMT Project
  2. stay back tomorrow for about half an hour for test.
  3. finish integrated humanities iBooks Author (insert photos or videos)
  4. 2 English Worksheets (deadline: Next Tuesday)
  5. finish Viva Voce Project by today 2359 (preferably under 2 min)
  6. view videos on math blog under “Real Numbers in Operation” (
  7. math hw (
  8. copy science questions corrections
  9. complete science worksheet
btw sorry for the late post

Monday, 27 January 2014

Homework for 27th of Jan


 1)Do corrections for English diagnostic test and you rewrite your whole essay in green pen (if you don't have green pen, you can use some other coloured pen like blue or black but make sure to write in big letters "corrections"). This homework is to be handed in by Wednesday, 29th Jan to Lucas.

2)Think about interesting biographies or personal recounts, if you have any, bring them to school if you want to share it with your classmates.


 1)Viva Voce must be completed in and uploaded on youtube by the 28th Jan.
2)Do the 8 questions on the maths blog by 28th Jan.


 1)Complete activity 4 and 5 in the science worksheet of diffusion and osmosis by the 28th of Jan.
2) It's optional but Mr.Ng says if you want you can finish up the worksheet on human transport but it is not required to be handed in by 28th Jan.
3)For science as well, accept the invitation to the class science blog and upload your cell research studies in jpeg format onto the blog.

I think the only Chinese homework is to learning your Chinese spelling and also, since I'm not very sure about the Chinese homework, please do confirm with someone else who took down the Chinese homework.

Friday, 24 January 2014


1. Viva Voce Practice-By Tuesday
2. Hot-seating Activity on Popplet
3. Math blog HCF and LCM questions
4. Math 6am Quiz
5. Do and bring encouragement/wish sticky notes-By Monday
6. Put photos and share your Integrated Humanities Chapter with your group
7. Bring Chinese Cinderella on Monday
8. Bring baby/current photos on Monday
9. For Integrated Humanities:
    a)Research on catalyst for change
       -2011-fall of president
       -Rise of Muslim Brotherhood
       -2013-Present situation
       -2014 onwards
    c) Bonus Research:
       -Mc Kang Kong in Malaysia
10. Post your ADMT logo on Edmodo

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Im sorry to anyone which I have teased or hurt in any way.....

Homework 22/1/14

Homework board
Not in board:
ADMT logos design due next Tuesday 
Math make questions HCF and LCM

Isn't the little tadpole cute? Was it worse than the night one? (For those who saw) :P

Saturday, 18 January 2014

My First Memorable Experience in SST!

I know I am very late in posting my reflection but I just got the invitation yesterday so here it is...

How was my first day in SST?Well to be frank,I cannot describe it in words because it was a cocktail of emotions in my heart.I met my new friends who are really caring,helpful and funny.At SST,things are done in a total different way than my primary school so I would take a little time to settle needed to communicate and also voice out our opinions.We should also listen to our peers when they are giving their ideas.The most challenging activity was "Helium Hoops".I found it challenging because the whole class was not cooperating together.I think as the time passed by ,and we got to know each other more,we communicated more and more and gave our ideas out freely.I am really looking forward to studying in a whole new,different manner with my class in SST!!;D

I would also like to thank all the PSLs and teachers for helping me familiarise with school as well as its culture.Thank you very much!:D

The universe in 60 seconds

This is the history of the universe compiled in one minute. That's one year per
0.07246376811 NANOSECONDS (one billion seconds) of video time!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Guys where do we post the hmwk that Ms Foo gave us? The blogging thingy. On the English Blog or what???

The long run... OF WORK

Everyday, we all face work. HOMEWORK. And we dread it. Face it, some of us do procrastinate (like me!) and we cannot find a way to stop procastinating. In the video below, it will tell you about the science of procastination and how to overcome it. Hope this works out for those who procrastinate! :)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

So where do we share our Innovation video on? The class blog or the I&E blog?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Boys VS Girls?

Scientific video about the definition of pain but this settles some war disputes with girls and boys, and no offence :) Enjoy

English HW for today:)

sorry if the photo is unclear because the screen color was a bit too light:( try increasing the brightness of your device because it might help... at least it worked for me:)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Media club tryouts

13 January 2014, day of the media club tryouts. From 4:30 to 6:30, we tried what was media club during normal CCA hours. It was quite cramp for the timings even though there was two hours of time.  We did journalism, photography, videography and an introduction video of ourselves, it covered all aspects of the media club. I think the try outs were great and I hope I will get into the media club!

Hey guyz

Can we use food for the cell making thinggie?

sci hw 2day

For the sci hw today do we need to do all the questions?

Saturday, 11 January 2014

S&W Presentation

So guys, have u all started on de S&W presentation? Black house how about you guys?

Poor memory

What are we supposed to do for the maths questions 5 (a), (c), (e), (g)?
Can all the yellow house people go to website and follow the instructions <iframe src="" width="760" height="500" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>

Timetable - Updates for Term 1 Week 2 & 3

Dear S1-01

Here's the 'updated' timetable for the next two weeks.
As I'm away, I've swapped the Maths lessons with other subject teachers.
Please take note of the 'temporary' change and bring the relevant learning materials with you.

Ms Loh

Friday, 10 January 2014

The night

Today, we officially became a part if the SST community. Now we are an SST student. We received our SST badge. Yay! 

I think today was a smooth ride. Our trailer was a success, we made new cards for the PSLs since Jaishree was absent and it still with a setback, we made it! Then we officially got our badges from Mr Chua. 

Today was our CCA open house day too. Varieties of CCA were made available to us as they promoted and introduced their CCAs. CCA was very important as it would help our JC transition. It helps us improve our score. 6 choices, sounds great but so little choices! In the end, only had four. Astronomy, media, badminton and show choir :P. I wonder if anyone had made six choices...

#asap science


Thursday, 9 January 2014

The day before the night

We met our last teacher today which will be teaching us S&W, Ms Lee. She told us to run two rounds around the field before we could do anything else. At first, to me, two rounds was not such a big deal. But under the intensity of the heat, I did not feel so sure. By the second round, I was beginning to dehydrate. Still, pushing myself on, I made it. Then we measured our height and weight. Well, at least I grew a centimeter after two years! Well, the rest was the same as normal except that Ms Loh conducted her first lesson about primes, natural and whole numbers. 

Tommorow is our night! I feel excited about tommorow and I hope everything will go smoothly! :)

Anyway guys, those in the blue house, could u leave your phone numbers in the comments? Thanks a lot! C:



Prepare money tomorrow.

Pls prepare $2.35 tomorrow. I will collect during assembly. Also if possible pls give exact amout I would appreciate it thanks.
bloom's taxonomy image link
math homework: wordbook: do on foolscap
page 2 Q4 (a) (b) (c)
must copy question on foolscap
by tmr
subject: math
chapter 1 ...

Q4) find the ...



S&W homework

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The second day of "Real" School?

Today, second day after orientation. Now we have met 3 more NEW teachers. Our ICT teacher, Mr Chua, our I&E teacher, Mr Lam and Mr Chen (for Malay and Indian, I do not know so yeah u know right, I hope you understand). The rest of them were conducted by the same teachers :P.

Today, Mr Chen, my CL teacher, gave us a diagnostic test (UGHHHH) and we were supposed to complete it. (UGGGGGHHHH COMPREHENSION) Well, it was really hard as I was SERIOUSLY BAD AT written CL and only good at communicating with it. :C

Well, Mr Chua did not really conduct a lesson, but he kind of told us his expectations and his lessons that we was going to conducted this year. Mac training and Photoshop CS6. He also told us some tips like the google calendar notification system, and the website ,which was filled with technology news!

Mr Lam, on the other hand, he did conduct a lesson. He went easy on us since it was the first day and started to tell us about Innovation, Entrepreneurship and why it was needed. Then, he told us to write down what we thought innovation was about and what it was NOT about. Then we had to categorise them further to sub categories.

Great day! 9/10 met. S&W teacher left to meet! Yay! I think he/she would be friendly, I hope so!

8/1 Homework

1) Innovation is...(20 Words)
2) 3 Qns in Math Blog
3) SDM Update

Things we need to bring we combine clases

1. Learning Device
2. Writing materials
3. Water bottle (optional)
4. English Notebook

Things we need to bring when combining classes (ENGLISH ONLY)

- Learning Devices
- Writing Materials
- Water Bottle (optional LOL)
- English Notebook


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

SST School Song

Here's a website you can go to memorise the lyrics by Friday:

The start of the journey

Today, we started lessons proper after the last the of our awesome orientation yesterday. So far, we have met  6/10 of the teachers that will be teaching us this year.

Today, we started off with ADMT (Art Design Media Technology), we met Mrs Pennie Ong. She started off with an introduction, then soon we were given a diagnostic test. The test tested our creativity and it was used to determined whether we the designer type of drawers who were neat, or the artistic kind, which were a bit more messy. 

There were two activities today. The first was "My Shoe". We had to take off our shoes and draw them. At first, everyone was reluctant, perhaps they were afraid of revealing their stinky feet secret. But still, we had to do it for the activity and so everyone did. 

The second activity was bizarre barcode. We had to draw out our own barcodes and turn it into something like the one below.

Of course we had not taught of much great ideas yet so I guess no one really had a brilliant idea until Ms Ong showed us that :P

After the break, Mr Yeo came to introduce himself. He taught integrated humanities, and he was also quite fun to be around with. He did not give us a test as we of course did not study humanities and it was new. (YAY!!!) He just casually introduced himself, and soon it was over. Just before he left, Sid asked whether there was coke and sprite served in the cafe that was going to be built, and then he drew the experience he had last time. We laughed out loud as he drew what the person looked like after drinking coke and we found out that Johan was the "Non-stop laughing" person in class too. :P

Then, Ms Foo came back to for EL classes. She then formally introduced herself with her expectations. She did not really say much and soon it was Math lesson.

Mrs Low Kwai Yin came for the Math class. The teacher who had taken charge of our pre-engagement activities and posted on the students blog. WOW. She came in and introduced herself, and then asked to fill in some information about ourselves so that she can know more about us. She also asked to help fill in a spreadsheet of our classroom arrangement. And then it was Science lesson already.

To end it off, Mr Ng came in to introduce himself appoint a Science rep (Prateek C:) and he told us his expectations, too. He also gave us a diagnostic test (Awww :C) and I guess everyone was shocked, confused and lost. Some questions were totally not taught at primary level! Everyone should have at least one unfamiliar question, right? After the test, we ended the class, the last lesson and we were off!

So far, I think the teachers were friendly, kind and committed to helping us. The teachers we met today were not strict, but will the others be? We will find out soon, I hope that they would not be fierce. :D


Design kit

Monday, 6 January 2014

And also CE and I&E
Hi guys what does CL mean on the Timetable? It couldn't be Chinese Language right??

Orientation 3/3

Orientation 2014 officially ended today on Monday, 6 January.

Today, we set our goals and our class code of conduct, to make sure we were well presented to others and set our path to the right direction. It was pretty boring, but it might come in handy later. :I

Today, in the afternoon, the fun finally came. We played the amazing race consisting of a few challenges. We were supposed to win challenges to get an "X" or an "O" for our tic-tac-toe. "X" to cross out others and "O" to score. The first game we played was super slide me. We were supposed to slide on a soapy floor with a plastic sheet. For this we had to work in groups of three. There were two roles. One slider and two to move the slider. For this, I was quite reluctant about this as I did not like sliding on my stomach. But I did in the end.

The second activity I liked the most was the flip the cup. We were supposed to flip the cup to the way the PSL station master told us to flip to and the class with the most amount of cups in the direction of their favour wins. It was fun until were some parts we hated like (you-know-who) cheated and stuff, but I think we should all just let it go, after all, cheating is for the weak and those who cheated, you know who, you can cheat us, but you cannot cheat your own conscience, guilt will fill you unless you are totally evil, incorrigible :P *(Raises eyebrows)*

Well, I think everyone thought that the best activity today was the sponge fight. It was 99% fun and only 1% strategy. We were too caught up with the fun that we decided to just bomb the other team and not come with any plan on how to protect the newspaper and how to get to the opponent's newspaper. In the end, I guess everyone got wet? Maybe not the girls [No offence :)] Today, poor Sid got splashed all over after the sponge fight. His extreme popularity among all of us resulted in the sabotage of his own team mates.

Today, we not only had fun, but we also had to say good bye to the PSLs, today was their last day with us, they as PSLs, we as Sec 1s. I think they enjoyed working with us, the weird class (:3) and we are going to give them a card as farewell, aren't we? After badge night, it may be our last time seeing them. I hope we are going to see them soon, our paths may cross again, one way or another?

The mission of this orientation was to bring us together, let us know each other, gear us up for the high expectation of leadership skills we would need in SST for all our projects. I think their goals was considered a success, with help from the great PSLs. Orientation is over already, time to get serious. Now the question left is, are you ready for the whole new journey in SST? C:

This is the photo we took today
Firstly, I would like to say sorry to like suddenly cancel the stay back on Monday and as well as on Tuesday. Wednesday would be only from 2:30pm to 5:30pm(I think so) for the Badge Night Ceremony Briefing. And on Thursday we will stay back for like 30 mins and just check the trailer. The trailer is going to be made by Johan and also Everi, Johan, Durwa, Nishtha are going to make the reflections and yeah that's about it so no stay back on Tuesday :) Sorry once again guys!:) 

Timetable matters

Hey guys can anyone tell me what's IH and IRS on our class timetable? Thanks.

School Song Lyrics

Stanza 1

Here we start our journey

With each day, an open mind

We lead the way with positivity

Excelling in all with humility

Stanza 2

Here we grow ourselves

We bridge our hearts through giving

We celebrate all our diversities

Building a gracious community


This is our call

We rise above all

Transforming our world

Here’s where our future starts

Engaging and changing

With our hands, heads and hearts

We’ll fulfill our destiny

Daughters & sons of SST, SST


Here we reach across the globe

Making connections, sharing our vision

We will not fear the future for we strive

Seizing opportunities in life


This is our call

We rise above all

Transforming our world

Here’s where our future starts

Engaging and changing

With our hands, heads and hearts

We’ll fulfill our destiny

Daughters & sons of SST, SST

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Saturday, 4 January 2014


Can we create a facebook group?

New posts

Hi guys please post de updates here in our class blog. Thanks.

S1-01 rule!


Day 1 Monday: We do the organisation and filming. And then we use the theme from iMovie and react out the scenes.

Day 2 Tuesday: We confirm everything and film whatever is left out and ask everyone to jot down their reflections

Day 3 Wednesday: We take the photos and make the trailer

Day 4 Thursday: We show it to the class and PSLs

*Jaishree won't be there for the filming of the scenes on Tuesday and so Jaishree will film her scenes on Monday and those who are not here on Monday will re-act their scenes on Tuesday.

**Jaishree and Johan will bring their macs. NO ONE BRING UR MACS BESIDES THEM

Friday, 3 January 2014

Whatsapp Group :D

Guys go join the whatsapp group made by Roy and give him your number so he can add you and we can all discuss cause we have really less time :D

Ideas for Badge Night


-Draw my life-->Everyone draws a different scene
-Photo Montage-->Re-act Day 2 scenes
-Make a movie
-Video Montage-->Reflections(selected)
-Keynote Presentation
-Combined Video Montage/Trailer

Highest Vote: Trailer


Today at SST, I had a lot of fun. We played many games that I have not played before examples like the whack thinggie and blow wind blow. I enjoyed the ice beaker at the start of the day because I get to eat skittles but unfortunately I got the sour one, but it still tasted good though. The dodge ball was definitely my favourite because I used to played that game in primary school. My least favourite was the lifting up the hula-hoop. Some people were just too fast and also I did not have space to even let my finger lift the hula-hoop.Today, I made new friends and they were all very friendly. Also, I learnt that we must have at least a leader to come up with a strategy in any teamwork games.

Orientation 2/3

Today is the second day of our orientation. We played ice-breaker games the day before and we proved to not do so well in that. However, there was some improvement today with more fun than yesterday. C:

First, we went for the High Elements and took on the challenge. Some of us we afraid of heights like me, and some of us were not. For those who were afraid of heights and never done it before, were supposedly quivering and panicking in fear before we went in. Those of us who had done it before the very day itself supposed it was going to be the same, easy. But our facilitators proved us wrong.

There were three stations. The first we were assigned to was the tightrope. The tightrope had ropes hanging above it for us to hold on. For this station, we were supposed to work in pairs and cross the tightrope together one by one. I can still remember the first two who went up for the day, Sid and Everi . (:P) The second station we were assigned to was the tightrope again, but this time with planks. This time it was an individual activity.

The last station we were assigned to was the broken bridge. This element was different from the rest. We had to work in pairs again and we had to cross a bridge with planks but there were holes. This time, I went for that element. Me and Joshua went quite peacefully until the facilitators told us to LET GO OF THE LIFELINE. At first, I still did not want to let go as I was quite pessimistic and thought the rope would kind of break or have some faults. But soon after I realised I did not have a choice and had Joshua's encouragement. I let it go and reached the end with Joshua without falling off. :I

After that, we had to wait for the others to try it out too. Some of us sat there and supported our classmates up there, who were supposedly afraid, and soon we were distracted. I would not say about that (we-all-know-part) but we still realised and made a change. (YAY!)

I hoped everyone had brought something back home to learn and change and I hope for a fulfilling Monday! C:

Discuss ideas for Badge Night

Enter phone number to join
If it does not show, visit
If it says that you do not have permission, sign in with your SST email, then reload this page. 
 Those whose names are below will be added to the group soon.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

1ST dAy At sST (Sophia)

     Hello, I am Sophia, I really loved the first day of school I made lots of friends today :) My favourite activity was the Dodge ball(even though we only played once) and the Dog and Bone. To me, the hula hoop activity where we had to keep it parallel to the ground was one of the hardest, as well as the flip the mat challenge. 
     You see, the hula hoops kept on going up and up even though some people were asking others to slow down. Maybe some of the others thought the hula hoop was going up and because they didn't want it to topple, they lifted their side up and then the other side thought the same and lifted their side up too. Maybe that's what happened. 
     The mat challenge (which is what i call it, it may be wrong) was kind of hard. Everyone had to squeeze and it was kind of chaotic. I didn't really understand what was going on.
     I guess the whole problem with the mat challenge was that we didn't have a leader, or there were too many people trying to be leader that the followers were confused and didn't know who to listen to or couldn't hear what people were saying. I could hear the people in front telling others what to step onto the other side of the mat, that was good. And if we ever do play the 'Hula Hoops' again, maybe we could try and talk before we do something so that everyone understands, and then we can lift it up in stages.
     All in all, I know that tomorrow, our class will try our best to communicate and listen to the leaders appointed and be good followers. I am really looking forward to tomorrow! XD

A New Beginning in SST

  Today I had lots of fun playing the station games. We played many games, but all the games required teamwork which sadly we did not have. Most of the time there were arguments about different strategy so in the end we could not decide on whose idea to go with. We played flip the mat and that game had many conflicts because we did not have a proper plan and ended up with a lot of us squeezed at the end of the mat. Overall, I had a fun time playing the games and I have made new friends. I look forward to tomorrow's activities.

Orientation Day 1/3

Today marked the first dat of orientation with the PSLs, the start of our orientation to get to know each other better and work better in time to come C:

Today, we, as a class, played ice-breaker games and games to strengthen our teamwork as a class and our ability to communicate and get ideas from our minds across to others.

On the way, we also met some problems coordinating together during the games like the "Flip the mat" and "Helium Hoop". We had problems communicating with each other and it ended up as a mess. :3 It was not a surprising fact but still we came together as a class, even though we came from the different parts of Singapore and we still managed to achieve the goals for the other games though and that was quite brilliant to me.

Besides picking up new skills, some of us have also already made friends. After all, we are going to be together for the next chapter of our lives, the journey in SST, doing projects as a team, together. C:

I look forward to the next day with the High Elements and outdoor fun and I hope it will be as fun as this eventful day (:

My Very First Day at SST

Today, 2nd January 2014 was my very first day in SST. I took the jam-packed MRT to Clementi and took Bus 185 to SST. I was very nervous. as on every school day I had to take the 242 bus to my primary school, so I was very familiar with the school route, but now I had to take an MRT and different buses to SST, so I had to start learning the new route to SST. 
But it is always good to try out new things and learn them. When I reached the school, I was actually quite nervous as it is a brand new environment for me and there are many new classmates who come from many different primary school whom I do not actually know.
But today, we had our first day of our Orientation programme. Our SST PSLs were very friendly and they guided us to each step of our way. I bonded together with my new classmates through games and made friends with people like Sid. Through the games, I realised how important was it to have a team leader in each game so he or she can give commands and tell us what to do and how to do the right way and I learned that in every game, Communication is very important. Without communication, we will have no proper teamwork and we will not know what is the proper thing to do. We might also have conflicts along the way.

Anyway, I had much fun on the first day and I look to my journey in SST.

First day in SST

My first day in SST was amazing. There were many fun activities, but I like playing dodgeball the most.

At the different stations,we learn to cooperate with one another. At the helium hoop station, we must all use a finger to lift up two hula hoop and the hula hoops must be parallel to the ground as we lift them up.We didn't complete the activity in the time limit since we didn't communicate with one another properly.

After the activities, we went back to class to set some ground rules and get to know our locker password.

Then we went to the ISH to do some cheers and ended the day with a good job cheer. 

After the first day, I feel that I will have a really good 4 years in SST

Funday Thursday :D

I hadn't slept since last night since I was so excited for the first day of school just like I was excited in Primary One. The thing I was most excited was was about making me friends which I made quite a few and well the shocking thing was that there were only 7 girls in the class. Coming from a girls' school made me feel awkward around boys but I'll get used to it soon. We played loads of games and many of them taught me how to work in teams, contribute my ideas and merge ideas with everyone else, communicate with other fellow members to come up with strategies and other team work skills. I think we could have been fairly more active overall in the activities if we had gotten time to know each other better and also communicate properly. Most probably there should have been a leader to guide us and plan how to work out things and also we should have been more cooperative and not get easily frustrate. The thing I learnt today which was most important was the skill of communication among school mates. I throughly enjoyed myself today and I wish I could just rewind time and do the activities again but sadly that's not possible. My parents were really happy to know that I had an enjoyable day today and I think if tomorrow maybe if we communicate better and get to know each other better than we would have a more fun day and enjoy yourselves more. I'm really excited for tomorrow and I hope I can overcome my fears and make more friends. :)

Reflection for Jan 2 2014

I had lots of fun at SST today there were a lot of activities that were both fun but tiring. At first the entire class was pretty quiet and there was little communication between the students but after a few rounds of icebreakers I got to know the class better and it helped us in the activities later on. During the activities I my class did not communicate a lot so in some of the activities and we got frustrated as we were not patient and did not have a plan. But I left the place with a better understanding of my class and peers.

Orientation Day 1 (Reflections)

   I have been excited for this day ever since. I could not wait to go to my new secondary school. I knew it was going to be a completely new environment, new people, new teachers and many other new things but yet, I was exited, and nervous, at the same time.

   Orientation Day 1 started off with ice-breaker games for S1-01 to know each other better. We were all quiet and didn't really communicate with each other and didn't give our 100% at the start either but slowly towards the end of the day, we had opened up towards each other much more.

   Due to the lack of communication, we did really badly for a few games like the where we had to lift the Hula Hoop with our index finger or the flip-the-mat game. If we had communicated better, I think we could have done better like for the Hula Hoop game, if we had planned a strategy together and used it, we could have done a lot better instead of failing very badly because of no teamwork and lifting the hula hoop to fast. In the flip-the-mat game, we could have done the same thing by strategising as a class before stepping onto the mat. Like for example, the students at the back of the mat, had no idea what the those in front were doing.

   I think that we could do much better in these games if we got a second try if we all learn how to talk to each other, share ideas and listen to each other. The reason we were not communicating much could probably be that it was our first day at a new school.

   Day 1 was overall very fun and I am completely looking forward for Day 2 and 3!

   A ver important thing that I have learnt from Day 1 is that communication is a basic need for things to work out between you and your peers. Without is, things would go as you wished them for and you would reach your goal.

   I also want to give a massive thank you to our 4 Peer Support Leaders who were kind and helpful towards the whole class and for putting up with us! Thanks!


First day at school

Today's experience was very different from others. I made many new friends and played games with them. Today I have learnt that communication is very important and without it being carried out properly.

First day at SST

Today during our orientation, we played many games. At first, we played simple games like wacko. That helped us break the ice among us. After that, we played the station games. I think doge ball was the most fun. We also played many other games like scavenger hunt that helped us to learn to work together as a team. I hope tomorrow we will have equally exciting games. 

I hope tomorrow we will have equally (if not more) fun.

My reflections on The First Day of SST

The first day of the orientation was wonderful. I realised that the next 4 years I am going to spend in SST is going to be fun and awesome. I learnt that the game stations had a theme which was 'With Our Hands, Heads and Hearts'. I really enjoyed the games while still learning about teamwork and cooperation and also bonded with my classmates. I know I am going to enjoy the rest of the orientation and school.   

My first day in SST

My first day in SST was overall quite enjoyable,i especially liked the dodgeball game as it was fun and entertaining.However there were several things that i thought we could improve on like the hula hoop challenge where we did not work together and some people were faster than others at raising the hula hoop.I think that despite failing some of the challenges we did well and i hope we can keep it up in the future.I made quite a number of friends today and i am interested in tomorrow orientation and hope i can make more friends in the process.

My First Post-->Reflection on Day 1 of Orientation

I do not know what to type. So i just get something done.<--(In proper English as the teacher said).

Through the games at the station, I realised that effective and efficient communication is essential for us to work together as one. Teamwork is an important aspect of our life. Even in the future, when we start our careers, teamwork would always come in handy. Some examples are, Maybe you are a crime scene investigator, You will have to work with other investigators. You have to share your discoveries and/or opinions and piece everyone's together to solve the crime. But, we did not communicate well enough for everyone to work together nicely. We did not strategise. Well, maybe we did. But we did not communicate our strategies with each other. And what happens? We fail to do what we are supposed to. Therefore I believe that it is important for us, to communicate with each other. Especially when we are doing projects in teams.

Reflections of first day of SST orientation!

Today was the first day of school! We played some icebreaker games in the morning and they helped me familiarize with my classmates. Overall the whole morning went smoothly and we had fun. In the afternoon after lunch we passed up some forms and logged in to the official school email. At dismissal we did the SST cheer. All in all, we had a lot of fun and we got to mix around a little to get to know each other. The PSLs were very friendly
and very helpful. I look forward to the rest of the year as an SST student!

Reflections on Station Games during Orientation

During our orientation today, we played station games throughout the school.

The first station game, called "Dog and Bone" was rather average as it wasn't very exciting. Our class rushed into the game head-on without any strategy and subsequently lost to S102. I feel that we should have strategised more before the game and communicated more to perform better.

Next came the Mat Flipping, which I thought was the hardest of all. I think that 25 people squeezed onto a small mat left very little room to move around. So while the people at the front were already flipping the mat around, the people at the back were squashed by the pressure. I think we should have told our idea to everyone so they were clear of what to do. Someone acting as leader would help us organise ourselves too.

The last station game we came to was the Helium Hoop. We raised the hoops at different speeds, causing them to turn lopsided and fall down. We should have coordinated more and raise the hoops at same speed to keep them parallel to the ground.

In overall, I felt that the station games were fun and engaging but also very tricky. Also, they required a lot of communication, teamwork and coordination among the class.

Day Number 1: Orientation

Today was overall, quite fun. We all made new friends but despite that, there are ways it could have been better, such as if we had started talking earlier, as we would know more about each other and could have coordinated better at some of the tougher stations. Perhaps we might have managed to turn the mat or lift the hoop. We gained leadership, teamwork and communication experience and also made new friends.

So, today was enjoyable but hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

My First Day at SST (Day 1 of Orientation)

Today marked the start for my journey in SST, as well as for the Secondary 1 students of 2014
. The activities organised for us were extremely fun as we got to know each other better. Through each game, we all got to know our strengths and our weak points as a class and we all knew how to rectify the situations at each game station as we progressed. The PSLs were also a great help to me too. Although our class was rather quiet and did not communicate much enough today, I still got to know students from different primary schools and I clicked well with them after a brief conversation. All in all, this camp has been fun so far, and I hope we all enjoy our days at SST.

First Day of School at SST:)

My first day of school at SST was really exciting and a new experience to me because the way that SST does things is different from how my primary school does things. The orientation was rather fun but to be honest I expected it to be more exciting. Through the first day of orientation I got to know my classmates more (especially the girls). I got to meet really awesome people in my class:) I really hope I'll get to know this people better:)

I thought that our class was really quiet and wasn't really talking to each other. If our class talked more to each other, the orientation would have been a lot more fun. Also, if our class was more closely-knitted, we would have had more teamwork and would have done better in the games:) Especially because we would have communicated with each other better which would have helped us a lot in the games. So, hopefully tomorrow we would get to know each other more through the second day of orientation. I also hope that by tomorrow we would have already warmed up to each other because personally I don't really like a class that stays in their own cliques and doesn't go out of their cliques to socialise with the other people in our class. What's more, we would be able to work better if we work together as a class and for that to happen, we have to talk more to each other and get to know each other more so we are like one big family. Well, that was cheesy. 

I think you know what I'm trying to say:) Oh and sorry about the long blog.

Reflections for Orientation Day 1

I feel quite satisfied with this occasion because it helped me know my new classmates well and we also learnt a lot, such as about teamwork, leadership etc. The PSLs were also very kind and helpful. As for the station games, I feel the helium hoops were the most challenging as we had to work together to make sure that the hoops don't go up too fast. But although we failed, i feel happy to have learnt something in the process. Overall, I am happy with this camp and i'm looking forward to a wonderful day tomorrow even though I know it's going to be much more tiring than today.

My reflections

I learnt that teamwork and communications is very important to play the games well. Our class did not communicate well and thus did not do well in the games.In the flip mat game, our class did not communicate well and create a good strategy; most of us were just complaining about having too less space and create a loud racket so others could not hear the strategy. In the scavenger hunt game, we also did not communicate well and so two different people from the same team would open the same bag. But as I don't own a iphone, I didn't know the difference between a iphone 5 cable and a iphone 4 cable. In the helium hoola hoops game, some people lifted the hoola hoops too quickly and caused it to topple. I think our class will improve and communicate better tomorrow.  

Reflections on Oriention Day 1

Orientation Day 1 was very enjoyable and fun, as the whole class played many games together. This will both improve our communication skills and relationship with one another. I felt that our communication skills were very poor, like in the flip mat game, most of us were not coming up with strategies to win the game, but only complaining. We did the worst in the hoops game as some of us was not co-operating with the rest, and going to fast. I learnt that communication skills are very important to come up with strategies to win such games.