Monday, 30 June 2014

Homework for 30/06/14


Maths: Finish the sheet that was given in the lesson, and page 28. Due: Next lesson (Additionally if you havn't finished the holiday homework it is in for this Friday)

English: Finish the holiday homework, and the sheet that was given in class today. Due: Next Lesson

Science: Finish the group presentation on Activity 3 on the worksheet. (Google Docs, and if anyone can remember the groups please tell us). Due: Next Lesson

Chinese: Finish/Hand in the June homework. Due: Next Lesson

ADMT: Finish all the holiday homework (Including the Google Sketch-up Chair)

If I have missed anything please correct it by commenting.


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

June Holiday Homework

  1. Mathematics Viva Voce - Data Handling MISSION POSSIBLE - By last week of June holidays
  2. Mathematics Percentage Homework - Do on Lecture Pad
  3. Science Forces Additional Questions
  4. Science Moment Additional Questions
  5. IH 6 Degrees Could Change The World and Evernote
  6. English Comprehension - Uploaded on English Language Google Sites
  7. Health Science Practice Paper
  8. IRS Survey and iBooks Author
  9. ADMT Exercise 1-10 on Space
  10. ADMT Google Sketchup Practice 
  11. ADMT Product Design Visial Journal - Slide 1 to 10
  12. Ask Parents to Sign Report Book