Thursday, 2 January 2014

Orientation Day 1 (Reflections)

   I have been excited for this day ever since. I could not wait to go to my new secondary school. I knew it was going to be a completely new environment, new people, new teachers and many other new things but yet, I was exited, and nervous, at the same time.

   Orientation Day 1 started off with ice-breaker games for S1-01 to know each other better. We were all quiet and didn't really communicate with each other and didn't give our 100% at the start either but slowly towards the end of the day, we had opened up towards each other much more.

   Due to the lack of communication, we did really badly for a few games like the where we had to lift the Hula Hoop with our index finger or the flip-the-mat game. If we had communicated better, I think we could have done better like for the Hula Hoop game, if we had planned a strategy together and used it, we could have done a lot better instead of failing very badly because of no teamwork and lifting the hula hoop to fast. In the flip-the-mat game, we could have done the same thing by strategising as a class before stepping onto the mat. Like for example, the students at the back of the mat, had no idea what the those in front were doing.

   I think that we could do much better in these games if we got a second try if we all learn how to talk to each other, share ideas and listen to each other. The reason we were not communicating much could probably be that it was our first day at a new school.

   Day 1 was overall very fun and I am completely looking forward for Day 2 and 3!

   A ver important thing that I have learnt from Day 1 is that communication is a basic need for things to work out between you and your peers. Without is, things would go as you wished them for and you would reach your goal.

   I also want to give a massive thank you to our 4 Peer Support Leaders who were kind and helpful towards the whole class and for putting up with us! Thanks!


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