Thursday, 2 January 2014

First Day of School at SST:)

My first day of school at SST was really exciting and a new experience to me because the way that SST does things is different from how my primary school does things. The orientation was rather fun but to be honest I expected it to be more exciting. Through the first day of orientation I got to know my classmates more (especially the girls). I got to meet really awesome people in my class:) I really hope I'll get to know this people better:)

I thought that our class was really quiet and wasn't really talking to each other. If our class talked more to each other, the orientation would have been a lot more fun. Also, if our class was more closely-knitted, we would have had more teamwork and would have done better in the games:) Especially because we would have communicated with each other better which would have helped us a lot in the games. So, hopefully tomorrow we would get to know each other more through the second day of orientation. I also hope that by tomorrow we would have already warmed up to each other because personally I don't really like a class that stays in their own cliques and doesn't go out of their cliques to socialise with the other people in our class. What's more, we would be able to work better if we work together as a class and for that to happen, we have to talk more to each other and get to know each other more so we are like one big family. Well, that was cheesy. 

I think you know what I'm trying to say:) Oh and sorry about the long blog.

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