Thursday, 9 January 2014

The day before the night

We met our last teacher today which will be teaching us S&W, Ms Lee. She told us to run two rounds around the field before we could do anything else. At first, to me, two rounds was not such a big deal. But under the intensity of the heat, I did not feel so sure. By the second round, I was beginning to dehydrate. Still, pushing myself on, I made it. Then we measured our height and weight. Well, at least I grew a centimeter after two years! Well, the rest was the same as normal except that Ms Loh conducted her first lesson about primes, natural and whole numbers. 

Tommorow is our night! I feel excited about tommorow and I hope everything will go smoothly! :)

Anyway guys, those in the blue house, could u leave your phone numbers in the comments? Thanks a lot! C:

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