Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The second day of "Real" School?

Today, second day after orientation. Now we have met 3 more NEW teachers. Our ICT teacher, Mr Chua, our I&E teacher, Mr Lam and Mr Chen (for Malay and Indian, I do not know so yeah u know right, I hope you understand). The rest of them were conducted by the same teachers :P.

Today, Mr Chen, my CL teacher, gave us a diagnostic test (UGHHHH) and we were supposed to complete it. (UGGGGGHHHH COMPREHENSION) Well, it was really hard as I was SERIOUSLY BAD AT written CL and only good at communicating with it. :C

Well, Mr Chua did not really conduct a lesson, but he kind of told us his expectations and his lessons that we was going to conducted this year. Mac training and Photoshop CS6. He also told us some tips like the google calendar notification system, and the website ,which was filled with technology news!

Mr Lam, on the other hand, he did conduct a lesson. He went easy on us since it was the first day and started to tell us about Innovation, Entrepreneurship and why it was needed. Then, he told us to write down what we thought innovation was about and what it was NOT about. Then we had to categorise them further to sub categories.

Great day! 9/10 met. S&W teacher left to meet! Yay! I think he/she would be friendly, I hope so!

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  1. Yew chong, our S&W teacher is Ms Lee( I think it is the teacher in the ISH who spoke to us)