Friday, 3 January 2014

Orientation 2/3

Today is the second day of our orientation. We played ice-breaker games the day before and we proved to not do so well in that. However, there was some improvement today with more fun than yesterday. C:

First, we went for the High Elements and took on the challenge. Some of us we afraid of heights like me, and some of us were not. For those who were afraid of heights and never done it before, were supposedly quivering and panicking in fear before we went in. Those of us who had done it before the very day itself supposed it was going to be the same, easy. But our facilitators proved us wrong.

There were three stations. The first we were assigned to was the tightrope. The tightrope had ropes hanging above it for us to hold on. For this station, we were supposed to work in pairs and cross the tightrope together one by one. I can still remember the first two who went up for the day, Sid and Everi . (:P) The second station we were assigned to was the tightrope again, but this time with planks. This time it was an individual activity.

The last station we were assigned to was the broken bridge. This element was different from the rest. We had to work in pairs again and we had to cross a bridge with planks but there were holes. This time, I went for that element. Me and Joshua went quite peacefully until the facilitators told us to LET GO OF THE LIFELINE. At first, I still did not want to let go as I was quite pessimistic and thought the rope would kind of break or have some faults. But soon after I realised I did not have a choice and had Joshua's encouragement. I let it go and reached the end with Joshua without falling off. :I

After that, we had to wait for the others to try it out too. Some of us sat there and supported our classmates up there, who were supposedly afraid, and soon we were distracted. I would not say about that (we-all-know-part) but we still realised and made a change. (YAY!)

I hoped everyone had brought something back home to learn and change and I hope for a fulfilling Monday! C:

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