Friday, 7 February 2014

Homework 7 Feb 2014

Indirect characterisation 3 questions on google sites. Once you are done with the 3 questions, post it on the English blog by 2359hr 7 Feb 2014

Viva Voce Practice 2 by 14 Feb 2014

I don't think there is any homework for science 

Integrated Humanities 
iBooks author IH e-journal rainforests task 4 and 5(if you have not done it)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Steve Jobs 7 principles mind map. Take a screenshot and post on I&E blog once you are done by 9 Feb 2014 

1)Complete page 1-12(if you have not done it yet)
2)Learn green words on page of the textbook 12-15
3)Do page 18 of the textbook

Act Design Media Technology 
1)Design 3 variations of your logo only AFTER Mrs Ong has commented on your logo in edmodo, saying you can start work. Post the 3 on edmodo when you are done. By 9 Feb 2014
2) Update your google drive document. Instructions have been placed in edmodo. By 9 Feb 2014

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  1. wat's the meaning of variation? is it like 3 different version of your selected logo or the other 3 dat u hv drawn?