Thursday, 6 February 2014

6th Feb Homework

Indirect characterisation 3 questions on google sites. Once you are done with the 3 questions, post it on the English blog. Don't write on paper, just type. Due tomorrow.

1)Fractions worksheet classwork tier B. Due tomorrow.
2)Hand in the challenging question to Ms Loh's pigeon hole if you have completed it.
(the 2nd viva voce will be posted on a later date)

Screenshot your nutrients mind map and print it out.Due tomorrow.

Integrated Humanities
iBooks author IH e-journal rainforests task 4 and 5 Due tomorrow.

1)Steve Jobs 7 principles mind map. Take a screenshot and post on I&E blog once you are done. Due Sunday.
2)For those who STILL have not posted the URL for your video on innovation and what does innovation mean to you, do so immediately.

1)Finish up the questions in the workbook as 第二课 has been taught. Due tomorrow.
2)Do a presentation in your groups IN CHINESE to promote SST to your primary school. Due tomorrow.

1)Design 3 variations of your logo only AFTER Mrs Ong has commented on your logo in edmodo, saying you can start work. Post the 3 on edmodo when you are done Due Sunday.
2) Update your google drive document. Instructions have been placed in edmodo. Due Sunday.

For those taking a different Mother Tongue, I do not know the homework so someone please help to post it in the comments thanks.


  1. ? on which logo of yours will Mrs Ong comment on?

  2. Chinese must do the yellow or blue activity book?

  3. Do we have Chinese tomorrow? or is it IH?

  4. Fractions worksheet classwork tier B. Where is it?

  5. Guys can start on second viva voice it can be found on s106 math blog

  6. I thought Ms Loh said don't do yet?

  7. Wait the science is due tomorrow but there's no science on fridays

  8. Lucas where is the Real Numbers worksheet Yew Chong is saying? Miss Loh gave us today.