Thursday, 6 March 2014

Homework for today...

~Maths:Filing to be done by 12th March
~English:Structured Comprehension Exercise pgs' 4,5,6, and 10.Storybird corrections for 1-5(index number)
~Science:If you did not hand in your sexual reproduction homework worksheet,hand it up to Prateek by tomorrow.
~IH:The dolphins and the Degar Montagnards suppose to be done.If someone knows the deadline please,please add it in the comments.Thanks
~ADMT:Finish and submit your logo by tomorrow and submit the hard copy by tomorrow recess.
~Hindi:Course Book Unit 7
(For Chinese homework,please ask your friends.)
~ICT:Your animations to be handed up by the end of this week(done on pages).
If I missed out anything,please add it in the comments below.Thanks!


  1. Pg 65 study notes for maths I think

  2. animation done on keynote, not pages

  3. My Lifestory Timeline for CE

  4. IRS real world problems thing