Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Homework for 11th March


Tuesday, 11th March 

1) Chapter 4: Algebra - Factorisation worksheet (given today) 
(Due: tomorrow)
2) Complete your reflection on the last two pages of the Maths Level Test 1 corrections worksheet and pass it to Johan in the morning.
(Due: tomorrow)

1) Finish your 3 proposals on your Google Drive.
(Due: Thursday)

1) Infographics: Make an info graphic about yourself on an A4 size paper and when you are happy with it, make it on Piktochart (Recommended) or any other platform you would like to use and upload it on Edmodo.
(Due: Before term 2 starts)

1) If you have not made your short animation using Keynote.
(Due: Wednesday/ tomorrow)

Please comment below if I have missed out anything. 

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