Friday, 1 August 2014

Homework for August 1st (:

*Optional* Those who want Ms Foo to check their situational writing on the voluntary activities, please type it out and email it to her. 

Maths Viva Voce by 4th August 1500(3PM)
I’m not sure if this homework but Maths Geometry Worksheet 14.4(She was going through that day) 
Finish all those revision worksheets given by Ms Loh by End Of National Day Holidays

 Digital Poster for I&E (Final one is to be submitted by this week and the draft was last week)

Integrated Humanities: 
Take a glam picture of you or childhood picture of you and paste it on the piece of paper given out that day by Ms Huang and answer the two questions (Q1: What do you cherish the most in the world and Q2: If someone is having a bad day, how and what would you do or tell them to make it better)

Finish up your slides

Go to Google Sites and see the answers and do revision for level test 

Finish up unit 4(I think) in Course Book and Activity book and  Assessment paper 2 and all the compositions meant to be done so far.

Final iBooks is due this Monday 2359 since our IRS falls on a monday. 

Good luck for the level tests guys! *Quote Wai Yan* Believe in yourself and you can do it~
Please study hard during the weekend and do not fall ill!!~

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  1. Finish English Letter Writing on Volunteering Activities