Thursday, 24 July 2014

Homework for Thursday 24th July

IH: Do a presentation on your company that you have chosen in your groups. Due Monday.

Chinese: Finish up your email individually/in your pairs and submit. Due TODAY 2359

ADMT: Finish up your desk tidy slides. Due this weekend.
Finish up your desk tidy cardboard model. Due tomorrow 4.30 p.m.
Start doing your lamp slides.

Maths: Finish your Viva Voce (btw we now know what a bi-rhombus is) due sunday

Science: KPT Homework due tomorrow

English: Find out what is a pun and describe how the pun is used in the IKEA poster. Due tomorrow.

I&E: Finish up your poster. Due week 5
Comment 3 good things about each poster in the I&E blog


  1. Finish speed w/s given today (due tuesday)

  2. Isnt the submission date for viva voce next next week monday?