Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Eggs for the lonnnnnnnnnnnng weekeeeeeennnnnndddd

~ADMT-TA 2 Slides + main info graphic by Sunday 2359
~English-English 2012 Common Test (staple your reading set and question paper in 2 sets) by coming Monday.
-Put all your posters up on the EL Blog by TODAY.
~Science-Mythbusters(Video + all slides){Soft deadline-Thursday}[Hardest deadline-coming Monday]
               -Forces Homework wks by 1st lesson of the week.
               -Moments wks pg 2&3 by 1st lesson week.
               -Transportation Science(2012 EOY)[-  Don't do MCQ Q8,MCQ Q10,Short structured question Q4 (Pg 10)] by i don't know when but preferably by 1st lesson of the week(check Gmail)
~Maths-8 Linear Graphs wks pg 11 by Monday
~IH-Finish all your ibooks and the other documents by end of April.
Pls start revising too ;D
Lastly Have a happy weekend and to all hindi ppl-All the best!
Do add more easter eggs,if I let out any.Thanks ;D


  1. If I am not wrong I think there is transportation science paper. Is it compulsory?

    1. YC Nishtha has stated it already. Isn't it the 2012 EOY? Check again b4 commenting

    2. Min Quan don't be so rude.